Solar and Renewable Energy Portugal


Your specialist for Renewable Energy in Portugal.

We offer both commerical and residential renewable energy products that are solar powered and energy saving. We can design and build a range of systems to suit your needs, from whole systems, to smaller solutions such as heat-pump installations.

With its sunny climate, Portugal, and especially the Algarve, is the perfect location to benefit from solar panels for both electricity and hot water.

There is also a growing demand for battery solar systems, which allow you to store the energy for later use, and provide energy security for when EDP fails. Battery solar systems also provide the possibility to live off grid entirely.

If you own an electric car we can integrate charging into our solar systems so you can benefit from free car charging or even have more energy for your house supplied by the car.

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Residential Solar Energy

We design solar energy installations for your needs. This can be solar thermal panels for hot water or solar PV panels for electricty.

Commercial Solar Energy

We design and calculate your required solar systems or battery systems. As well as commercial UPS systems.

Lithium Batteries

3 phase or single phase off grid solar systems for houses, offices and industry

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Energy Neutral Building

Energy Neutral Buildings start with insulation. To have a comfortable low energy building you need good insulation and damp proofing. Based on your calculated energy needs we can design a suitable system. We incorporate solar thermal, solar PV, batteries and a heatpump into an all-in-one system that helps you live in comfort with low running costs.


We have several solutions for cooling your house. Cooling can be done with fan coils in combination with a heatpump. Wall or ceiling cooling is also possible. For bedrooms we have small fan coil units that can fit in your wardrobe and are therefore hidden from view.

Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is a very efficient and comforable way of heating your property. In combination with Solar thermal and a heatpump you will have very low heating costs and with PV panels combined you can create most or all heating by the sun.

Pool Heating

Our smart heating systems can heat your pool with free PV solar energy with a heat pump or with solar thermal panels. Our system is entirely automatic and will make optimal usage of the produced solar energy.