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Solar and Renewable Energy Portugal


Your specialist for Renewable Energy in Portugal.

We offer a range of renewable energy products that are solar powered and as well energy saving. On our site Solar Algarve you will find information about whole system solution, or just small solutions for solar installations or heatpump installations. Portugal and even more the Algarve is a perfect location to make use of solar panels. We have solar panels for hot water and for producing free electricity. Lately we offer more and more battery solar systems. It gives you the advantage of using the free solar energy on a later moment or evening. Our battery solar systems can give you energy security as well,when the EDP fails you still have electricity. But we have as well battery systems that makes it possible to live off the grid. If you have an electric car we can try to integrate the electric car in our solar system. Like this you can beneifit of free electrical car charging or even have more energy for your house supllied by the car. Just read more on our site or contact us


We design solar energyinstallations conform your needs. This can be solar thermal panels making hot  water or solar PV panels for electricty.

Residential Solar Energy


We design and calculate your required solar systems or battery systems. As well as commercial UPS systems

Commercial Solar Energy


Lithium Batteries

3 phase or single phase off grid solar systems

for houses,offices,industrial


We design and calculate your required solar systems or battery systems. As well as commercial UPS systems

Heat Pumps

heating and cooling

for houses,offices,industrial

Energy Neutral Building

Energy Neutral Building start with insulation. To have a comfortable low energy building you need good insulation and damp proving. Based on our calculated energy needs we can design the system you need. We incorperate solar thermal,solar PV ,batteries,heatpump all in one system that helps you having comfort with low running costs.

Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is a very efficient and comforable way of heating your property. In combination with Solar thermal and a  heatpump you will have very low heating costs and with PV panels combined you can create most or all heating by the sun.


Cooling can be done with fan coils in combination with a heatpump. Wall or ceiling cooling is as well possible. For bedrooms we have small fancoil units that would fit in your wardrobe and would leave nothing visual in your bedroom. Wall or ceiling cooling is as well possible. We have several solutions to cool your house.

Pool Heating

Do Our Smart Heating systems can heat you pool with free PV solar energy with a heat pump or with solar thermal panels. our system will do all automatic and will make optimal usage of the prodcued solar energy.

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