Solar Heater/ Solar Boiler

We offer several brands and different solar systems in Portugal. One of our systems is the separated system. Collectors separated from storage tank.
The tank can be placed anywhere in the house.
Intelligent control and automatic operation. Anti freeze, the controller has an anti freezing function. Multi functional: bathing,washing,domestic heating etc.
Five years warranty.

solar algarve - hot water system
solar-water-heating - solar algarve

When the temperature of the heat collector reaches the set value, the controller will automatically start the circulation pump.The circulation pump circulates the heat-conducting liquid automatically.
The heat-conducting liquid transfers the heat to the water by the heat exchanger in the tank. In case the temperature does not reach the set value, the circulation pump will stop. In case the temperature does not reach the set value, the auxiliary heating device will start.

200L, 300L ,500L, 1000L, 1500L, 2000L, 3000L
We can supply all brands.
For Sonnenkraft, Schuco and Rocca please contact us.

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