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Our solar heaters heat up air with a collector and blows the hot air (+40 degrees)with a ventilator into your house. The ventilator is powered by a small integrated solar panel ,so you don’t need a power connection. Easy and fast installation and free heating with fresh air. Many houses have humidity problems, with this solar air heater you can stop the humidity and the mold on your walls. They perform perfect in Portugal.

SolarVentilation – simple and efficient… even when there’s no-one at home

Heating and ventilation made easy with solar energy:
Fresh outside air is filtered and drawn in the insulated,aluminium air collector. In doing so, the fresh air is heated and channeled into the house via an insulated pipe. When the desired room temperature is reached, the system automatically switches off with the help of a thermostat. Solve your humidity and mold problems in your house

Our Solar Air collectors automatically ventilate without any loss of energy as soon as the sun shines!

Simply good … for you and your health:
healthy indoor climate thanks to fresh air and heat.

for your house:
heating, ventilation and protection against dampness even when you are away.

for the future:
durable and low-maintenance with German quality.

You just have to install the solar heater against a sunny wall with 1 tube passing true and place the thermostat inside the house and your house will have a proper energy saving heating system. Make use of the sun in Portugal.

We have these Solar Air Heaters from 1.3 m2 to 6m2 surface area, good for 30-200 m3.

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