Ochsner high efficient silent heat pump Portugal

A reliable solution using renewable heat sources

Soil, air and water are inexhaustible sources of energy that are constantly renewed thanks to solar radiation and rain.
Saving energy means cost saving, safety and environmental awareness: These are the principal features associated with a professionally installed OCHSNER heat pump. Over the last 36 years, OCHSNER has specialized itself in heat pump development and today the company is a technology leader.
Decades of experience make OCHSNER a competent and reliable partner.


  • Improved quality of life
  • Energy-efficient
  • Operational safety
  • Emission-free heat sources
  • Comfortable heat
  • User-friendly heating control
  • Independence
  • Compatibility with all heating systems
  • Maintenance-free and clean

Areas of use

  • New installations and renovations
  • Floor and/or wall heating
  • Water heating
  • Applicable in any type of building, such as:
    one-family houses, multi-storey apartment buildings and condominiums, offices, industrial plants, public buildings, sports and cultural centers as well as industrial buildings and warehouses, greenhouses, infrastructures, etc.

Heat sources

The type of heat source used to derive free environmental energy, determines the type of heat pump.

Thermal power from 5 to 18 kW

Soil is an inexhaustible, free usable heat storage and therefore represents the ideal heat source.
Horizontal collectors constantly exploit the solar energy stored in the ground. Due to the excellent design and a by the book installation, this source of energy is usable even on cold winter days.

Direct geothermal energy systems currently offer the lowest running cost of all existing geothermal heat systems, because through direct geothermal energy you benefit from up to four-fifths (80%) of free environmental energy.

The working fluid (coolant) used by the heat pump is chlorine-free and has no ozone-damaging effect. The underground horizontal evaporator made up of continuous double-walled tubes (in copper and protected by a PE coating) absorbs ground heat thus making the fluid evaporate.

Ochsner - Geo Thermal

Thermal power from 5 to 65kW

Due to the technological advancement of the horizontal split evaporator OCHSNER made outside air exploitable as an economically viable heat source.
Air is available anytime, anywhere and without restrictions. It is particularly suitable for the conversions of existing systems or in cases in which a geothermal intervention would be inconvenient or problematic. The technological innovations developed by OCHSNER enable to take advantage of the outside air for heat production even during the cold months.
High reliability and low operating sound levels particularly characterize these systems. Air is also an excellent source of heat for bivalent-powered systems.
Active cooling*
For active cooling, the refrigeration cycle is inverted and the evaporator serves as a condenser to transfer heat extracted from the house to the external environment.


Thermal power from 7 to 91 kW

If ground water is available at a reasonable depth and an appropriate temperature, it offers the highest seasonal performance factors. A constant temperature of 8-12 °C guarantees the best heating performance. A levy well and a sump are necessary. The latter must be located at least 15 meters away from the levy well and in direction towards the groundwater flow. The quantity of water required for 10 kW of thermal power is approximately 2 m³ per hour. A continuous pumping test is necessary in order to check the yield of the extraction well. In addition, a water analysis is requested to ensure that certain characteristics of the water are observed. Finally, an authorization from the appropriate Water Rights Authority is required.
Active or passive cooling*
Water as a carrier medium is suitable for the active or passive cooling.


Thermal power from 5 to 72 kW

With these types of systems a mixture of water and anti-freeze (brine) is circulated as the heat transfer medium. This absorbs the heat and transfers it to the heat pump.
The ground collectors can be placed in three different ways:
– If there is sufficient area available, horizontal collectors are the most economical solution. The size of the laying surface depends on the soil type and the heating requirement for the house.
– If there is little space available, spiral trench collectors can be used alternatively.
– Vertically laid ground collectors that are placed about 100 meters deep into the ground are the third variant and best alternative if very little space is available. An authorization by the relevant authorities is required for this variant.
Active cooling*
In summer, the room heat is extracted by means of active cooling by the heating system and is transported into the soil. This feature guarantees effective cooling even during long hot periods.

For more info about about Ochsner Heatpumps see here

Active cooling*
OCHSNER heat pumps are available with a reversal of the refrigerant circuit: The heat from the building is pumped in the “heat sink” and the house is cooled actively.

Geothermal heat with brine
Geothermal heat with brine

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