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  • Photovoltaic Solar Panels Poly Crystalline, Mono Crystalline ,CIS thinfilm
    Container prices from 0.46+IVA euro/pW contact us
    Pallet prices from 0.55 euro+IVA/pW contact us
    Project panels from 0.38euro+IVA/pW contact us
  • Grid Connected Solar UPAC
    We have complete UPAC Kits with 6 solar panels(1500pW), inverter, cable and structure from 2635 euro including IVA

  • All Victron Energy Products 20% discount
  • All Batteries OpZS, OpZV, Lithium 15% discount
  • Solar Collectors  390€
    10 collectors 1.8m2 for 3500 euro IVA included
    with solar Keymark
  • Thermo siphon,solar hot water system
    200L with one collector, kit complete 1350 euro IVA included
    300L with two collectors, kit complete 1865 euro IVA included
  • LED lights, bulb E27,Spots 12Vdc/220Vac
    warm white bulbs 4Watt and 7 and 9Watt from 10 euro
    Tube lights U8 150cm 30watt bright working light
    Tube lights U8 120cm 22watt bright working light


  • 2KW solar panels(8 panels) Poly 250pW
  • 3KW inverter/charger Victron Multiplus 24/3000
  • 600 A Battery 24V OpZS (12 pcs.)
  • Battery monitor Victron BMV700
  • Roof structure Panels Aluminium
  • Solar Charger Regulator MPPT 70Amp Victron
  • Remote Monitor Panel Victron Color GX

SPECIAL PRICE!!!!!!  6.980 euro including IVA

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Ask us for other options and configurations.



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