About Solar Algarve Portugal

Solar Algarve isĀ  specializedĀ  in renewable energy and energy saving products. We provide; solar-collectors, solar heaters and photovoltaic solar energy systems. Beside these products we offer solutions for energy saving like heat pumps and led lights. For our system we use first quality products with warranties up till 25 year.Our working area in Portugal, Spain,Holland,Surinam,Curacao .

We are offering the following products:

  • Grid connected photovotaic solar systems (self consumption UPAC and UPP, Portugal), kits and registration.
  • Off Grid solar systems, panels,batteries, inverters, chargers, MPPT
  • Mobile off grid Solar systems
  • Class A++ Airconditioners
  • Integrated solar heaters (thermosiphon,panel integrated with tank)
  • Heat pumps for central heating and cooling of houses or swimming pool.
  • Led lights, bulbs ,tubes, candle for indoor or outdoor.

Any questions about our products or any other, just contact solar algarve.

If you need any advice about renewable energy, solar energy system , heat pumps ,solar pool pumps or one of our other energy saving products , just Contact us .

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